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OratioO for trombone quartet

Klassische Musik/Zeitgenössisch • 2011

OratioO for trombone quartet

Titel nach Uploader: Oratio for trombone quartet

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Verkäufer Hans Bakker
PDF, 747.9 Kb ID: SM-000266345 Datum des Uploads: 02 Dez 2016
Altposaune, Bassposaune, Tenorposaune, Posaune
Partitur für
Art der Partitur
Partitur, Stimmen
Hans Bakker
EXPLANATORY at ORATIO for Trombone Quartet,
The title refers here 1. to a musical discourse, 2. the power of prayer.
The musical discourse is based on an amalgam of four elements:
- The motif of a Gregorian recitative: for example, measure 5/6 ff in Bass Trb;
  measure 11/12 in Alt Trb .; measure in 14 Tenor Trb. 1; measure 30/31 in Tenor Trb 2; measure 32/33 in Alt Trb., and so on.
  This motif is always played somewhat marked.

- An exclamation of the whole quartet e.g. Sizes 15/16; 34/35 and 35/36;
  47/48/49, and so on.
  The exclamation is always played in forte and maestoso.

- An evocative element b.v.maten 20 t / m23 Alto; 24 t / m 27 Tenor 2 and
  variants: 28/29 Alto & Tenor 1, and so on.

- A "meditative" element associated with characteristic harmonics.
  This is always more or less played piano and carezzevole.

Due to the nature of the piece are not prompted the extreme of the range of the instruments, but to the utmost intention of the players.
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