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Three is not a Crowd – Flute Trio

Klassische Musik/Kammermusik • 2006

Three is not a Crowd – Flute Trio

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Verkäufer Mike Lyons
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Mike Lyons
A trio for flutes in three movements.

The first movement is a kind of playful fugato, where each player enters in canon as the three play around with the melodic material. The third flute will need a good lower register.

The second movement is slow, wistful and languorous. All three will need good breath control.

The third movement requires good technique and tonguing. it flies along like swallows in summer, zipping here and there, never still. this movement is really testing as the melodic material progresses up a scale from B to C to D etc returning to B at the end.

Parts supplied are for Flutes 1,2 and 3 with alternative parts for Bb clarinets (Parts 2 & 3) and an A clarinet for part 3

This is dedicated to a lovely person called Wendy Norman, who aksed me to write something for her.
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