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Trio for Bassoon, Bass clarinet and Piano, MVWV 1197a

Klassische Musik/Musikstück • 2017 • Alternativer Titel: Bass clarinet project Trio for Bassoon Bass clarinet and Piano

Trio for Bassoon, Bass clarinet and Piano

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Verkäufer Maurice Verheul
PDF, 956.3 Kb ID: SM-000370968 Datum des Uploads: 04 Sep 2019
Klavier, Fagott, Bassklarinette
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Maurice Verheul
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A cople of years ago I was asked by the late Harry Sparnaay to write an series of studies fort he Bass clarinet. We came up with the idea to develop a whole range of studies for students and profesionals. These are the duos for two Bass clarinets. These studies are not in order of difficulty unfortunately Harry left us during this process. Harry gave permission and thought it was okay that Sauro Berti took over the editing from him
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0:00 Trio for Bassoon, Bass clarinet and Piano