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Christmas Haikus for alto (or baritone) and piano

Klassische Musik/Lied • 1994 • Texter: Canon Albert Radcliffe • Alternativer Titel: Christmas Haikus

Christmas Haikus for alto (or baritone) and piano

Titel nach Uploader: Christmas Haikus – alto (or baritone) and piano

10.00 USD

Verkäufer David W Solomons
PDF, 181.9 Kb ID: SM-000085041 Datum des Uploads: 27 Dez 2011
Klavier, Alt, Countertenor, Bariton
Art der Partitur
Klavierauszug mit Singstimmen
David W Solomons
Haikus by Canon Albert Radcliffe (who was canon at Manchester Cathedral) and asked me to set them. The music is unusual for vocal works in that it uses the octatonic mode, but this seemed particularly appropriate for the unusual angle which Albert takes on the Christmas story.
The song also works well for baritone voice, as has been proved by Mark Rowlinson and others.

The recording here is from the CD Songs of Solomons and was performed by Stephen Taylor (countertenor) and Jonathan Leonard (piano), who have given permission for use of their performance. The CD itself is available in the form of mp3 downloads at CDBaby, Amazon, Napster and other reputable download places.
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