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Ethnic cleansing

Klassische Musik/Zeitgenössisch • 2000

Ethnic cleansing

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PDF, 207.3 Kb ID: SM-000088518 Datum des Uploads: 03 Mrz 2012
Klavier, Sopran
Partitur für
Art der Partitur
Partitur für zwei Interpreten
Dino Residbegovic
This composition for soprano and piano is a part of song cycle written on the text based of (Jean Trier, high commissioner for refugees) UN report of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina during period from 1992 - 1995. This song cycle is made of three songs and its name is:" Homo Sapiens". The compositions tools and language is in expressionistic music culture under the mentor ship of prof Dr. Rainer Bischof written. For performers is very important to play this music with a lot of freedom and expression. Please not that playing this music on beat is not possible because of character and message so as the statement of the musical work.
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