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What has got to offer? is an easy-to-use web platform, promoting direct contact between composers, performers and music enthusiasts and enabling musicians to focus on their creativity once again.

Thanks to MusicaNeo, sheet music can be offered worldwide and easily bought and sold. MusicaNeo members create their own website and are given a shop, where they set the price for sheet music downloads, as well as the copyright and performing licenses. The resulting revenue is paid directly to their online account. Membership itself is free.

Music collections and archives can be digitized and made available online.

A few notes on the various terms - composers become "uploaders" when they upload their work and publish it directly on their own website. Musicians become "downloaders" when they buy music from an uploader's personal homepage and download the respective file. Downloaders can purchase the performing licenses directly from the uploader if they are available.

Search and find

MusicaNeo uses a standard procedure for uploading sheet music. This enables users to run a search that will deliver fast and accurate results. Multiple search options allow searching by composers, instruments or by title.

All listed titles are available through the main catalogue of the platform and will also be found by external search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Users also have access to additional information about composers and eras in the history of music on MusicaNeo.

Buying sheet music

After reviewing the search results and selecting the desired piece, the buyer is directed to the uploader's personal website. Here, users can find information first-hand and buy all published pieces and performing licenses if available.

The rates

The uploader is free to set the following rates for each uploaded piece:

  • for downloading a file and non-commercial use of the sheet music,
  • a fee for a single public performance,
  • a fee for an unlimited number of performances within a year.

The fees can be adjusted and changed at any time. Licenses that have already been granted will remain unaffected. MusicaNeo will receive a commission on each sheet music or license sold. Otherwise, membership and the uploading of sheet music and other materials is free.

Following payment, the fees set by the uploader will be credited directly to the designated MusicaNeo online account.

The personal website: organization headquarters and a showcase for your talent all in one

You can present your artistic work and your pieces and publish information such as stories, articles, recordings, photos and other news alongside your sheet music. Once you have registered for free, you will have access to a profile area on and a personal website with an individual address from which you will be able to market your compositions. On your catalogue page, visitors will be able to select the pieces they are interested in and buy them directly.

You can manage all data, uploaded pieces, fees and your online account in your profile area. All payments, fees and commissions will be summarized and listed clearly. You can transfer credit to your accounts at PayPal, WebMoney, and other banks or instruct MusicaNeo to issue a cashier's cheque.

Several templates allow you to change the look and feel of your website. A partner company of MusicaNeo can also design individual pages for you, allowing you to present yourself and your work in the best possible light.