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Projects is an easy-to-use web platform, promoting direct contact between composers, performers and music enthusiasts and enabling musicians to focus on their creativity once again.


Contemporary Composers Index

The “Contemporary Composers Index” is the most comprehensive index of contemporary composers from all over the world. The CCI is created and compiled to help composers, performers, listeners and music lovers in general to get in touch with each other.

Ernst Levy Collection has teamed up with the "Universitätsbibliothek Basel" and Levy’s son Frank Ezra Levy (an acclaimed composer and cellist), realizing the digitisation of Levy’s entire compositional work. All manuscripts and original scores are now available for download at

MusicaNeo Printed Edition

The Printed Edition comprises a unique collection of compositions by contemporary composers, who are actively involved in the platform, presented as a beautifully printed collector’s item.

Pre-financing Programme

As many musicians lack the time and financial resources to find publishers for their works, MusicaNeo now offers composers a unique pre-financing programme for services concerning the publication and promotion of their works.

Modern Music for Children: Maestro-in-the-Making

No more outdated music books – kids can have fun when learning music too! With the global musicians’ community efforts joined, MusicaNeo created a unique sheet music book of modern pieces "Maestro-in-the-Making" that is now available for free download to the public.