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The Joy of Collaboration

02 Jul 2015

By Heather Houghton.

The Joy of CollaborationThis month it has been a joy, and a challenge, to work with three other musicians in preparation for recording the last songs of my second CD. A flautist, a violinist and a pianist in separate and repeated sessions have provided valuable critic into my music. Amending the scores has been good experience and a great preparation for the third creative work: we have the skeleton of a musical which we hope to return to in writing the music in the autumn. Is we meet other singer songwriters we find many who do not commit their creativity to music scores: so I endorse the great work of MusicaNeo. A recent upgrade to the excellent free software of NCH Crescendo Music Notation Software is a great help. So get composing this summer but don't forget to take time to publish your music scores so more can collaborate with you. In the last year I have had the inspiration of working with five different groups - different churches - to bring one of the new songs off the second CD. Such would not have been possible with scores being available ahead of our arrival via MusicaNeo! :)

Check out my scores for the first CD.

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