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Cheese Gets Milder with Mozart

03 Apr 2019

This is the official conclusion of the Swiss experts from ZHAW Food Perception Research Group, and yes, it’s real news.

You must have heard a lot about the powerful influence of classical music played to the embryos but who would have thought that dairy products can also be affected in a tangible way.

It was the initiative of Beat Wampfler, a cheesemaker from Switzerland, to couple with Bern University of Arts and carry out a 6-months experiment on the well-known Emmental cheese. During this time, the three main cheese samples were exposed to classical music (The Magic Flute by Mozart), hip-hop (We Got It from Here) and rock (Stairway to Heaven). There were other options too – ‘listening’ to UV by Vril, Monolith by Yellow, to low-, medium- and high-frequency soundwaves and one of the samples lay in complete silence.

All of the sounds were transmitted directly into the cheese wheels and resonated inside them 24/7.

In half a year, as a result of a few blind testing rounds, technologists, scientists and renowned cheese specialists made their conclusions. It was commonly agreed that the music-exposed cheese in general had a completely different texture, looks and taste compared to the ‘silent’ one. As for the genres, Mozart made its Emmental clearly milder in taste, while the hip-hop lead to a strong fruity flavour. It is now planned to continue the research by playing other types of music to the cheeses. Who knows, maybe a third success ingredient will be added to the milk and bacteria duet sooner than we think.

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