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Happy Beethoven Year

20 Jan 2020
Beethoven 2020

January 2020 is not just the start of a new calendar round – it marks the beginning of the 250th anniversary year of Beethoven’s birth. So we can sincerely wish you a Happy Beethoven Year!

Even out of this context, Beethoven has been one the most performed composers and his music does not need much introduction. However, 2020 is about something more global, literally – the celebration will take place on the entire Planet Earth, as countries join the program and arrange special concerts, meetings, workshops and meet-ups dedicated to the great composer.

For example, Hong Kong will be featuring Beethoven music until May, performed by such acknowledged pianists as Lang Lang, Rachel Cheung, Vikingur Olafsson, Rudolf Buchbinder, and Nobuyuki Tsukii. 

It’s not only about people though. This year, the specialists are planning to use the Artificial Intelligence in order to reconstruct the famous hypothetical 10th symphony, based on composer’s sketches and Barry Cooper's version – a happening that both excites and terrifies many musicians, causing a lot of intrigue and polemic.

The House of Bonn, where Beethoven lived and worked, has created a special logo for the event, and encourages to use the hashtag #BTHVN2020 in the social networks to unite all the events that will be taking place during the entire 2020.

Below is the video about the creation of the new logo and people who have worked on making this year special. 

Video: New Logo for Beethoven Brand

MusicaNeo invites you to join the world invitation too and choose your favourite Beethoven pieces to play this year. Our catalogue currently counts over 570 works that include both original compositions and contemporary arrangements for all types of instruments.

Let’s celebrate Beethoven together!

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