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New charitable project "Maestro-in-the-Making"

16 May 2013
If we wish to create a lasting peace we must begin with the children.
Mahatma Gandhi

New charitable project Maestro-in-the-MakingMusicaNeo is launching a new project “Maestro-in-the-Making” aimed at supporting children’s music education worldwide. Within the project a contest among contemporary composers will be hold – its main aim is creating unique music pieces for the beginning musicians. We hope that the project will encourage modern composers for writing new interesting works developing kids’ music abilities and favoring their creative communication with the peers (more details about the contest will be published in the further blog posts). In case of successful fund-raising, the best works of the competition will be published and sent out for free to music schools all over the world. Music pieces created within the project will become available at MusicaNeo.

Important: Everyone can make a contribution in support of this project at the site At the project’s page you will find the details about the awards for the composers’ contest winners and read about the perks for project’s supporters.

Food for Thought

Many MusicaNeo users work in music schools and would agree that modern music is rarely heard at the school concerts. The reasons for it are no secret. Teachers complain that many pieces by contemporary composers are too difficult for children’s understanding. One can’t ignore the fact that music schools experience a constant shortage of up-to-date educational literature. Without receiving a good idea of the new music in the childhood, a human can’t perceive the ‘alien’ language of modern art later on in life. Should it be surprising that too often concerts of classical music are played to half-empty halls?

But let’s leave aside the contemporary music and talk about the concerts of classical music where the famous favorite music works sound. Have you thought about the reasons why children are so rarely met among these concerts’ audience? Is it possible to find a more harmonic combination than music, creativity and a child’s soul? Nevertheless, from year to year it becomes more evident that the new generation is a ‘computer era generation’ – people for whom the world is narrowed to a computer screen and whose communicative circle is replaced by “friends” in the social networks. Why should we think about it, it seems? First of all, because at this restless time it is especially important to pay attention to what your children are doing in their spare time: do they spend hours sitting at their computers, are they wandering in the streets in a questionable company or are they involved in a creative activity developing their abilities?

MusicaNeo for children

One of MusicaNeo’s main missions is favoring the development of music education in different countries. If we want to save our children from the drug abuse and the negative influence of the street, we have to do the utmost to provide them with an opportunity for self-actualization by practicing music in a creative environment of their peers. Considering the fact that over a thousand modern authors publish their music scores at the platform, MusicaNeo is launching a new project “Maestro-in-the-Making” aimed at kindling children’s love for practicing music. We are convinced that contemporary composers have a lot to offer to the beginning musicians and we expect that our call will draw authors attracted by the idea of creating unusual music pieces that would get the kids interested and encourage them to think and create.

We are appealing to all members of the musicians’ community who are not indifferent as to what kind of world our children will live in: Please support our initiative and take part in the project. Only with your help will we be able to fulfill the mission. Share the news about the project with friends, in blogs, forums, social networks – so that as many talented authors as possible could participate in the process of creation of new music for children. We are already accepting applications from music schools to receive the sheet music book with the best works of the contest “Maestro-in-the-Making”.

We are inviting you to join and make your own contribution into modern art and education. Together we can change a lot!

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