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Ludovico Einaudi: 10 curious facts about composer and pianist

17 Apr 2014

His name is well known among the lovers of instrumental music balancing on the edge of minimalism, classical and pop music. Mesmerizing with its deeply emotional sounding, music works by L. Einaudi can be heard all around: in movies, on radio, in commercials and TV programs. His compositions are often used as soothing music background in cafes and restaurants, trade centers and exhibition halls. The expressive sounds immediately immerse the listener in the beautiful world created by the talented composer. Just like a light breeze picks up a hovering bird, the piano music by Ludovico Einaudi carries our thoughts away from the daily routine. The magic sounds of the piano lovingly touched by the great composer has already conquered world’s most famous music halls – Royal Albert Hall, Arena di Verona, Sydney Opera House and others.

For all those who are familiar with and fond of the creative work of Ludovico Einaudi we have prepared some interesting biographical facts about this well-known Italian composer and pianist.

  • Einaudi comes from the family of a famous Italian publisher and his grandfather was Italy’s second president. The future musician received his first piano lessons from his mother.
  • At first Ludovico wasn’t planning to take up a performer’s career. He was rather keen on the compositional approach and the creative side of music studying. But with time he felt he was missing out on something important. He wanted to feel the magic that is born when a composer shares his music with the listener, performing it on the stage.
  • Luciano Berio, the brightest representative of the Italian school of composition of the 20th century, was one of his teachers. He conducted the premieres of some of Einaudi’s orchestral works.
  • Einaudi began his creative career as composer of advanced contemporary music with complex structure and avant-garde sounds that were understandable only to a small circle of professionals. But just like a sculptor chips away unnecessary parts, Einaudi, too, with time developed a new language that became clear to listeners worldwide and brought him international recognition. It took Einaudi 10 years to find his unique style.
  • The first solo piano album “Le Onde” released in 1996 immediately got onto UK charts.
  • According to the composer, he’d rather be called minimalist than anything else, as minimalism is characterized by elegance and openness.
  • The major part of composer’s income is covered by his grandfathers’s vineyard in Piedmont.
  • In 2007, Einaudi took part in the recording of the 1st single in the 40th album of Adriano Celentano “Dormi amore, la situazione non è buona”.
  • One of the important sides of Einaudi’s compositional work is film music. Among his compositions are soundtracks to “Black Swan”, “Doctor Zhivago”, “Stargate Universe”.
  • In 2005, the renowned musician became member of “The Order of Merit of the Italian Republic” that is awarded for “merits acquired by the nation” in the fields of literature, art, economy, charity and humanitarian activities.

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