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Scherzo for Piano Four Hands, Op.77

Classical/Piece • Alternative Title: Scherzo et Aubade pour Piano à quatre mains

Scherzo for Piano Four Hands

Title by uploader: Scherzo, Op.77

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PDF, 1.08 Mb ID: SM-000012842 Upload date: 03 Feb 2010
Scored for
1 piano, 4 hands
Type of score
First part, Second part
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comments Mason Doyle 02 Dec 2011 06:27

At the end of each school year we have to submit a class in ensemble. There is no practice material as such. We have to look for it elsewhere. Due to the busy schedule there’s little time left to go to the library. That’s why we took advantage of the Internet and found tons of interesting works on L. T. Gouvy’s Scherzo for piano four hands is a vivid example. A very colourful, catchy, easy to perform, spirited and vigorous composition.