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Face Each Aged Ache

Classical/Contemporary • 2012

Face Each Aged Ache


Uploader Paul Burnell
PDF, 160.0 Kb ID: SM-000177520 Upload date: 03 Jan 2013
Free choice: Instrument in C, Instrument in B Flat, Instrument in E Flat, Instrument in F
Type of score
Full score
Paul Burnell
Very easy
For instruments in C and / or F (or in Bb and / or Eb)

Play letter names as notes. H = B . Transposing instruments play as written.

Perform as chords using letters arranged vertically. Players move between lines and / or perform as a round spaced one row apart. Repeat ad lib. Each note / chord = 4 to 8 seconds.

The attached recording is an example of how the piece could be interpreted.

There is no set duration.

Title track of 2013 album by Paul Burnell
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0:00 Face Each Aged Ache