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Concerto Grosso e Satirico for string orchestra, B155

Classical/Chamber music • 2008

Concerto Grosso e Satirico for string orchestra

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Seller Colin Bayliss
ZIP, 822.7 Kb ID: SM-000178443 Upload date: 20 Jan 2013
Violin, Viola, Cello, Double bass
Type of score
Full score, Parts
Colin Bayliss
This piece is a realisation of the composer's long held wish to write an amusing up-dated version of the Corelli style of concerto grosso employing concertante and ripieno strings. It was composed in early summer 2008. There are five short movements.

1. Poco adagio - allegro - tempo primo
What appears to start in F major immediately wanders through remote keys. The central allegro contrasts dark and light-(hearted) sections before returning to the opening adagio.

2. Allegro giocoso
A contrapuntal working of a G major tune in folk-dance style which, after the use of melodic inversion, starts to sound bored and ends suddenly in D major.

3. Lento pastorale
This could initially be taken as a quite serious update of the Baroque pastoral movement in a concerto grosso. The central minor key section suggests that the sheep may have wandered away, but don't worry; by the end, THEY'RE BACK!

4. Allegretto
Of course, there had to be a Baroque-and-roll section somewhere.

5. Giocoso
A gigue-like movement based on another rustic-sounding tune, interspersed with unpredictable harmonic progressions, a touch of counterpoint and a throwaway ending.
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