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A Voice in the Hollow Earth

Classical/Instrumental • 2010

A Voice in the Hollow Earth

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PDF, 277.8 Kb ID: SM-000189836 Upload date: 14 Aug 2013
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Amanda McCullough
Written in 2010, this unaccompanied piece explores the different colors of the trumpet, both with mutes and with register. On one level, it represents the echoes in an underground cave, the motives often echoing themselves at different dynamic levels and in different registers. On a metaphorical level, this piece represents an inner monologue and invokes a sense of longing and loneliness through not only the echoing notes, but through the silence in between.

This piece moves from the extreme lower register into the higher register, building tension up until it comes to an abrupt stop. Following the long silence, the trumpet repeats similar ideas from the beginning, but now muted with a cup mute. In the last line, the cup mute is put in further to where the cup mute completely covers the bell, giving it a quiet eerie sound in the low register. The piece ends exactly where it begins, fading into absolute silence.
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