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Evocation. Theme, Six Variations & Coda, for flute quartet, Op.39

Classical/Instrumental • 2013

Evocation. Theme, Six Variations & Coda, for flute quartet

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The piece is inspired by idea of evocation – the act of calling or summoning in Western mystery tradition, but also as the creation of New by bringing into the mind collective and individual memories and imagination. Melismatically coloured and based on the principles of imitation with pentatonic and modal elements, the theme evokes the sounds of the past – especially the medieval times, when the mysticism and alchemy flourished. The flute has from the mythical stories to the present days been a symbol of a „magical“ instrument. Throughout the piece, the evocation passes through six variation of different ideas and characters, while not losing the initial guideline. The circle is closing in Coda which instrospectively looks at the beginning and vanishes in triple pianissimo of the last chord. The composition is commissioned and dedicated to Zagreb Flute Ensemble who gave it’s premiere in Zagreb (Croatia) on November 24th 2013.

Post-premiere performances included:
•Nov 26: City Hall, Novi Sad (Serbia)
•Nov 27: Faculty of Music Arts, Belgrade (Serbia)
•Nov 28: Faculty of Music, Skopje (Macedonia)
•Nov 29: Centre of Culture, Bitola (Macedonia)
•Nov 30: Concert Hall of the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki (Greece)
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0:00 Evocation. Theme, Six Variations & Coda, for flute quartet