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3.4/20/34 Angstrom

Classical/Contemporary • 1989

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Title by uploader: 3.4/20/34 Angstrom - Complete Set

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Seller Nick Raspa
PDF, 3.16 Mb ID: SM-000247651 Upload date: 05 May 2016
Violin, Viola, Cello
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Nick Raspa
Classical/Chamber music
The title of this work is the spatial configuration of the DNA molecule (double helix). This molecule, singular in function, contains a multitude of information vital to each of us. Despite all our differences, this one fact separates us at the same time it unifies us.

This work is divided into two sections each representing one half of the molecule and attempts to depict the spiral shape ladder (double helix) from the viewpoint of an outside observer. The ladder twists and turns exposing, at times, the rungs (which contain all our information) and at other times the rails which support the rungs.

As the ladder turns, the perspective appears to shift- increasing and decreasing in speed. From a sound perspective, the music increases and decreases in speed. Additionally, there is the change in volume - loud to soft and back again. The perspective also includes a change from a single tone to multiple tones and back again reflecting the vast differences and yet the singularity common to us all.

Performance tempos and volume can be adjusted as long as the changes are applied uniformly throughout the work and the apparent spinning intended is maintained. Listen to the entire piece on YouTube -

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