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String Quartet No.5

Classical • 2001

String Quartet No.5

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Violin, Viola, Cello
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Sonja Grossner
String Quartet no 5
The two movements are completely different in character. The first movement; Moderato - agitato is a painful agitated piece ; like a cry, a protest. The second movemrent is peaceful, and as the title suggests a beginning of something completely new. It uses 1/4 tones, which should sound like playing 'out of tune' , combineing these 1/4 tones with a slow glissando. The protest character of the first movement is smoothed out with the peaceful character of the second movement; 'Genesis'. There is so much pain in the world which need not be; - so I have tried to find a 'musical' solution, and at the same time written a sketch for a larger orchestral piece of the same name; 'Genesis'.
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