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Leave With the Wind

Classical/Instrumental • 2018

Leave With the Wind

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PDF, 1.07 Mb ID: SM-000372247 Upload date: 25 Sep 2019
Piano, Electric piano, Flute piccolo, Clarinet, Bassoon, Oboe, Cor anglais, Trombone tenor, Horn, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double bass, Harp, Cymbals, Contrabassoon, Bass drum, Mixed choir: Soprano, Tenor
Scored for
Choir, Symphonic orchestra
Type of score
Full score, Parts
C major
Jeffrey Cumber
Lifting up and loosing ground is a methaphor for leaving earth or drifting apart from dear friends or family members, sometimes for a long time, sometimes forever. It is that very moment of hurt and despair - and it is the freedom to chose our own paths and destinations, like a bird in the sky, leaving with the wind.

The score is for 18 instrument groups and a tenor/soprano choir. The score consists of 33 pages:

complete sheet (all instruments) [12 pages]
grand piano [2 pages]
electric piano (chrystal piano) [1 page]
soprano [1 page]
tenor [1 page]
orchestral harp [1 page]
solo violin [1 page]
violin ensemble [1 page]
viola [1 page]
violoncello [1 page]
contra bass [1 page]
piccolo flute [1 page]
oboe [1 page]
English Horn [1 page]
French Horn [1 page]
Bb clarinet [1 page]
bassoon [1 page]
contra bassoon [1 page]
tenor trombone [1 page]
bass drum [1 page]
cymbals [1 page]
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