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A Tear for Every Sin

Pop/Ballad • Lyricist: Monica Bergo

A Tear for Every Sin


Uploader Monica Bergo
PDF, 239.7 Kb ID: SM-000441531 Upload date: 02 May 2020
Type of score
Piano score
Monica Bergo
Music and song composed by me

And the day gives way
to this insane reality
and the night
hides my identity
and drag these heels
tired now like me
my heavy makeup
like the void that exists.
Sinner in the body
but never in the soul
you who have everything and look at me
no, you can't understand
your gaze is contempt
and you don't know the harm you do
like a fire on me

thief you
you would steal for me
new lives and lost opportunities
the sweetness of those who really love
the warmth of a sincere hug
you will be the wind
and you will sweep away the grudge
you will be the sun
I will follow your warmth

with you I will face
and restlessness
for how many tears I shed
to each his own sin
You will be the sun and your warmth will follow
Regrets I will not have
For all that has not been
A pity for every tear

and we invisible and hungry
like damned spirits
torn beggars
from destinies already marked
like withered flowers
in desperate gardens
how many tears you shed
and for each his own sin

and then keep me close
as if you were a child
than to grow happy
he just wants love and peace
I so uncomfortable and unfriendly
you an unrepentant rebel
with our heads held high we walk
don't let go of my hand

How can
in this mud grow a jewel
how can
from another mother born a brother
stay with me, I will erase the shed tears
and new lives you will have
How can the rain no longer wet the pavement
The snow will come down to erase my sin
I will be here and pray intensely for the 2 of us
How can you?

And I rewrite my story, read only halfway
There will be a new end
On your page I will write "Gone away"!
                                                 Monica Bergo
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