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E' Nato un Bimbo (Dutch Carol) SSA

Classical/Choral music • 2020 • Lyricist: folklore • Alternative Title: A Child is born in Bethlehem

E' Nato un Bimbo (Dutch Carol) SSA

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Seller Joan Yakkey
PDF, 253.5 Kb ID: SM-000529488 Upload date: 30 Oct 2021
Piano, Organ, Keyboard, Female choir: Soprano, Alto, Tenor; Children’s choir: Soprano, Alto, Tenor
Scored for
Accompanying piano, Trio, Choir
Type of score
Piano-vocal score
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Joan Yakkey
Joan Yakkey
Joan Yakkey
English, Italian
Here we have set a Dutch carol from 1599 for three part chorus (SSA) and optional keyboard accompaniment. The score includes Italian and English texts developed by the arranger. A popular text in German is also provided on the score.
The tune is also known as "Ein Kind geborn zu Bethlehem" or "A Child is Born in Bethlehem". Four stanzas have been set.

1. A child is born in Bethlehem, rejoices all Jerusalem. Amor, amor, amor, amor, amor! quam dulcis est amor!
2. The angels sing from heav'n afar, the Shepherds guided by a star. Amor...
3. Now let us sing and celebrate, it's Christmas day, all fears placate. Amor...
4. In ev'ry heart the joy of love descends upon us from above. Amor...

Ein Kind geborn zu Bethlehem
des freuet sich Jerusalem.
Halleluja, halleluja.
Hier liegt es in dem Krippelein,
ohn' Ende ist die Herrschaft sein.
Halleluja, halleluja.
Die König' aus Saba kamen her,
Gold, Weihrauch, Myrrhe brachten sie dar.
Halleluja, halleluja.
Sie gingen in das Haus hinein,
und grüßten das Kind und die Mutter sein.
Halleluja, halleluja.
Sie fielen nieder auf die Knie,
und sprachen: »Gott der Mensch ist hie«.
Halleluja, halleluja.
Für solche gnadenreiche Zeit
sei Gott gelobt in Ewigkeit.
Halleluja, halleluja.
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