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Classical/Piece • 2020


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PDF, 523.2 Kb ID: SM-000533608 Upload date: 18 Feb 2022
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For a single performer
Rui C. Antunes
Spaceless is a piece for solo violin inspired in a poem by André Gaio Pereira, of which the key concept is that of “Verbiage”.

"Despite having clear metronomic or durational indications, this piece is supposed to be played in an expressively free way, much like as if each musical object was a consequence of what precceded it and a precedent for what comes next. Every musical object is at some level connected to every other in the seemingly endless musical verbiage." (in Spaceless: Notes to Interpretation)

The concept of verbiage is represented in musical terms by different musical elements, of which the main ones are those that directly influence the flow of the music, respectively elements of acceleration and deceleration. However, these are not the only influences to this flow.
The piece begins with elements that represent thoughts which lead to the beginning of the flow in the piece – ethereal or short lines played in harmonics.
To this follows a first type of speech, one that has a function of acceleration and is represented by a line characterized by constant trills.
Throughout the piece, one notices small interruptions, as if they were rapid thoughts or deviations from the current train of thoughts. These are represented by fast triton arpeggios. This is also the element which leads to the climax of the piece.
The last main element to consider is the 2nd type of speech, which has a function of deceleration.

Combined, all of these elements, their development and connection intend to give the impression of a musical verbiage.
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