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Vladimir Sterzer: Music of the Soul

25 Jan 2016

Vladimir Sterzer was born in Siberia, Russia but has been living in Germany since the age of 14 when he moved there with the family. Already as a young boy, he showed great interest in music. Moreover, that interest was backed by exceptional talent that got disclosed during the first piano lessons at the music school. Soon piano contests and first prizes followed, next – the studies at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg, and today Vladimir is fully submerged in music.

Vladimir Sterzer

Vladimir Sterzer, Russia-born composer, arranger, pianist, guitarist, teacher and music producer living in Germany

Very often musicians start composing after a certain period of being an active performer. Vladimir’s composing career began at the age of 17:

“I composed my first rock ballad for guitar at the age of 17. At that time I played guitar and sang to it. This was the way I started composing.”

He studied Classical, Jazz and Pop music, which certainly reflects in his own music. However, the range of styles expanded over the years and today, besides the above mentioned genres, Vladimir Sterzer also composes New Age, Contemporary Pop, Ambient and Electronica. Music for commercials, films, games and podcasts is part of the composer’s portfolio.

“My music is my life, it is what I feel, what I see, what I experience. I developed my music style myself, it is the expression of my soul. I studied music, majoring in piano and minoring in guitar and jazz & pop music. Nevertheless, I have never compared myself to anybody, nor have I ever copied anyone. I play what is in me and what shall be revealed.”

Vladimir Sterzer has released a few solo albums; those are “MUNDUS MEUS”, “PHANTASIA MEA” and “CHRISTMAS IN” that consist of piano pieces mainly in a mix of Classical and Contemporary Pop styles. He also performs in two bands: the pop-rock band Stressed Out and jazz band Rising Moon Quintet. Besides composing and playing, Vladimir teaches piano, guitar and keyboard. But it’s not all that cloudless in today’s music world, according to the artist:

“I certainly want to achieve a lot with my music. And God knows, I try everything to offer something to mankind. And I have a lot of ideas on how to do it. Unfortunately, today the large production companies have ruined music and only make money out of it. And I am really sorry to say that they don’t know what the soul is.”

We asked Vladimir whether he listens to his own music and if there are any works that stand out in his music collection for one reason or another:

“Yes, of course I listen to my own music from time to time. And yes, I have a few favorites. I can name you one of them: "Remote Light in the Darkness". The reason I sometimes listen to this piece is that I heal my soul with it when I feel bad deep inside. A distant light that I see reaches me and I feel much better. I have received a lot of letters from people who thank me and say they cried and then felt much better.”

As a person of art, Vladimir does not stop where he’s at on his creative music way. He keeps experimenting with style, keeps making plans for his music to be heard by more and more people. We sincerely hope that all of Vladimir’s ideas will be successful in time and that his soul, so beautifully expressed through music, will be open to more listeners.

“I do have plans, I try to find people or organizations that will arrange my concerts, and I want my music to be featured in films as it is very emotional. I want to achieve something great and honestly I have a whole lot of ideas here. I try everything to make my music public and I hope that I will achieve something truly wonderful one day.”

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Daniella Spark 26 Jan, 06:28

I did enjoy listening to Vladimir's PHANTASIA MEA a lot, this album has so much emotion and tenderness within it, pure and soulful music... I can only with the composer good luck in further projects!