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  • Registration
    • When do I register?

      As soon as you want to download paid sheet music, leave your comments on the site or upload sheet music you will be asked to register.

    • What is MusicaNeo?

      MusicaNeo is an online sales platform, which enables musicians to publish, sell, and buy sheet music and performing licenses.

    • Who manages MusicaNeo?

      The platform is managed by Load.CD GmbH, based in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. The company comprises an international team of music experts, content managers and programmers.

    • How can I get my own online shop?

      As registered member MusicaNeo provides you a personal site with an online shop, where you can offer your sheet music for sale. Here you can upload your works, set prices for your sheet music and performing licenses, post personal information, pictures, articles and news. You manage all this easily in your profile area (“My Account”) of your personal page. The more material you publish on your personal site, the easier you are found!

    • How do I register with MusicaNeo?

      To register with MusicaNeo, click “Register” in the blue strip at the top of each page.

      1. Choose your account type: “Individual” for private use or “Company” if you would like to register as a business/organisation.
      2. For individuals: Enter your first name and last name.
      3. Enter your e-mail address, which you will also use to log in at after the registration.
      4. Enter your password (at least 6 characters).
      5. Tick the first check box if you would like to receive newsletters.
      6. Tick the next check boxes to confirm that you accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
      7. The final step is to enter and confirm the code that will appear in a separate window, after you click “Registration”.

      You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to activate your membership (please check your spam/junk mail should the e-mail not be in your inbox within a couple of minutes).

      Please note: after registration you can log in at MusicaNeo from your Facebook, Twitter or Myspace account.

    • How do I register as a representative of a (music) business or organisation?

      To register with MusicaNeo, click “Register” in the blue strip at the top of each page (direct link: Then:

      1. Mark the check box “Company” as your account type.
      2. Submit the name of your company.
      3. Enter the form of your business (e.g.: music school, music department, etc.)
      4. Enter the name of the company’s manager.
      5. Type in the company’s registration number.
      6. Choose the country of the company’s residence from the dropout menu. Then enter the following information: city, ZIP, address, and the phone number of the company.
      7. Enter the e-mail address, which you will also use to log in at after the registration.
      8. Enter your password (at least 6 characters).
      9. Tick the first check box if you would like to receive newsletters.
      10. Tick the next check boxes to confirm that you accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
      11. The final step is to enter and confirm the code that will appear in a separate window, after you click “Registration”.

      You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to activate your membership (please check your spam/junk mail should the e-mail not be in your inbox within a couple of minutes).

  • Search functionalities
    • How do I start the sheet music search?

      You have two options to start your search directly on the homepage: You can either type your keyword in the empty field in the “Search on MusicaNeo” option, or search the different categories in the Catalogue menu. The categories in the menu are: Composers, Instrumentation, Genres, Piano, Violin and Free Sheet Music and also sheet music with Performance Licenses. If you choose the Browse sheet music link in this menu, you will have additional options to search epochs or popular categories. When you choose one of these categories, you will be also able to make a more precise search by using a filter (to the left of the page.)

    • What can I do if I cannot find the composition I am looking for?

      MusicaNeo has a multilingual database, so try to write the name of the composition in a different language. For example, try “Study” instead of “Etude”, “Simfonia” instead of “Symphony”, “Preludio” instead of “Prelude”, “Abendlied” instead of "Evening song” and so on. Or try another detail of the composition you might know, for example the composer, genre or instrumentation in the “Catalogue”.

    • How can I find a listing of all compositions of a particular composer on MusicaNeo?

      Got to Here you can find the full list of all composers in alphabetical order. Alternatively, you can choose an epoch and browse the list of composers of that special epoch. Click on the composer’s name and you are directed to a list with compositions.
      Or: To find all sheet music of one composer, just type his or her name in the “Search on MusicaNeo” field. You will then be directed to the page with a list of all matches for this name on our catalogue. A click on the underlined title of a composition will lead you directly to the detail page. A click on the composer’s name will lead you back to the page with a list of all compositions for this name on our catalogue.

    • How can I look for a specific composer on MusicaNeo?

      Type the composer’s name in the „Search on MusicaNeo“ field or choose Composers in the Catalogue menu and look for his/her name in the alphabetical index. Alternatively you can choose an epoch and browse the list of composers of that special epoch. If the composer is not registered with MusicaNeo yet, then you might still find him/her in the CCI - the Contemporary Composers Index with over 14’700 entries:

  • Personal page/profile
    • What is my personal site?

      After you register you automatically get a personal site with a unique address on the platform MusicaNeo. Here you can present yourself: your interests, ideas, your work, pictures, articles and news. If you compose you can upload, promote and sell your works. All this you can manage easily in your profile area: “My Account”.

    • What can I do with my personal site on MusicaNeo?

      On your personal site you can present yourself to the MusicaNeo community. Use your online shop section: Upload and sell your sheet music, offer licenses for performing licenses along with the uploaded pieces. You can set your own prices and adjust them any time you like! Promote yourself: The more material you publish on your personal site, the easier you are found! We have added a guide which includes some additional useful tips to help you to promote your personal site! Please visit in your profile: “My Account” > Promotion Guide.

    • Do I have to pay for the personal site?

      No, membership and the personal site are free.

    • How can I add my biography to my personal site?

      You can add or change your biography in your profile area (“My Account”): all possible functions are displayed here on the left side of the page. To add or change you biography, choose the Biography link under My Personal Site option. Here you can type in the text or just open any already existing document with your biography with Notepad, then “copy” and “paste” it into the window. Press “Save changes” and it will be directly published on your personal site.

    • What is an About me text?

      It is a short introductory text, which is shown directly on the homepage of your personal site. It gives your visitors an impression of your occupation, work and interests, or the content of your website. This text and a (sub-)title of your site are very important, because they are displayed on the main page of your site and give your visitor an immediate impression. Also a creative slogan (subtitle) will surely impel your visitor to stay and browse your site. You can easily add or edit these fields in the Site Settings option (My Personal Site menu). Don’t forget to confirm your entry and press “Save changes” to publish!

    • I have uploaded my picture to my gallery, but it won’t appear as my profile picture, why?

      Please note that there is a separate option to upload your profile picture: in “My Account” under My Profile menu select the link Profile Picture and browse images on your computer. Add one image and press “Upload”. This picture along with a link to your personal site will be shown to the platform visitors; we recommend selecting a portrait picture or a picture with good recognizable objects on it.
      Please note: Your profile picture will be used as a thumbnail for promotion sections at MusicaNeo, such as New Members, CCI, banners, Spotlight, etc.

    • Can I change or remove my uploaded materials?

      Yes, the functions in your profile area allow you to change or delete the uploaded materials, such as pictures, texts and sheet music, anytime yourself. To do so use the according links on “My Account” in the menus: My Profile, My Personal Site, My Sheet Music.

    • How can I remove my pictures?

      This you can do in your profile (“My Account”). To change or remove your profile picture select the Profile Picture link under My Profile on the left and here press the “Delete” link, the red cross. The same applies to the pictures in you gallery, just follow the link Gallery which is situated in the My Personal Site sub menu.

    • I forgot my password and received a new one from the support team. How can I change it now?

      You can change your password in your profile area (“My Account”). Go to Account Settings under My Profile menu. Select the “Change” option which is to be found on the right, next to the “Password” parameter. Enter the password you want to change (“Old Password”) and the new one twice and then press “Change Password”.

    • Can I place links on my personal site at MusicaNeo?

      Yes, but first please make sure, that this link doesn’t lead to a website, which includes prohibited content and that the website has only informational content. See MusicaNeo Terms and Conditions § 5.5.1.

    • How can I insert images to my article?

      To add images to your article go to My Account > My Personal Site > Articles. Choose the article and click "Edit". Click inside the article body to indicate where you want to place the image. Then:

      1. In the tool bar, click on the icon “Insert image” (fourth from the right). The editor window appears.
      2. Click "Browse" and select the file of the image you want to add or add a web link to an image to the field under.
      3. Click "Insert".
      4. Click “Save” to complete the action.
    • How do I structure my sheet music catalogue?
      1. Go to My Account and click on My score catalogue. You will see two windows in this section of your profile: “My catalogues” (left window) and “My sheet music” with your current uploads (to the right).
      2. Click the “+” sign on the left vertical strip to create a new category where you would like to store a certain group of your sheet music.
      3. Give the category any desired name.
      4. Simply drag-and-drop the score you want to show in this category from the right window. You can also use the ‘filter’ to find a certain score in the list with your all uploads.
        • To rename or edit your category name click the button “Edit category” (yellow pencil icon).
        • To delete a category click the button “Remove” (basket icon).

      Please note: You can create as many categories as you need; add the same score to different categories; present catalogues in other language versions.

  • Contemporary Composers Index (CCI)
    • What is the CCI?

      CCI is the most comprehensive free online index of contemporary composers. You can use the CCI to find contemporary composers worldwide. There are over 14’500 entries in the index.
      The CCI is created and compiled to help composers, performers, listeners and music lovers in general to get in touch with each other.

    • What coverage does the CCI have?

      The CCI is promoted by Load.CD GmbH Switzerland throughout the music world, online and in print.

    • What does a “contemporary composer” mean?

      The term “Contemporary composers” refers to all living composers.

    • Do I have to register with MusicaNeo to be listed in the CCI?

      No, MusicaNeo and the CCI work independently one from another. You can create an entry in the CCI without being a member of MusicaNeo. But should you want visitors of the CCI to have access to more information about your person and your work, it would be advantageous to connect your CCI entry to a personal Site at MusicaNeo, where you can even offer your works for sale.

    • How can I register both with CCI and MusicaNeo?

      To do so, please use the link “Join now” at the CCI homepage. You will be redirected to a registration page. Here:

      1. Choose your account type: “Individual” in case you would like to register as composer (individual).
      2. Enter your first name and last name.
      3. Enter your e-mail address, which you will also use to log in at after the registration.
      4. Enter your password (at least 6 characters).
      5. Tick the first check box if you would like to receive newsletters.
      6. Tick the second check box to confirm that you would like to be included to the CCI.
      7. Tick the next check boxes to confirm that you accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
      8. The final step is to enter and confirm the code that will appear in a separate window, after you click “Registration”.

      You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to activate your membership (please check your spam/junk mail should the e-mail not be in your inbox within a couple of minutes).
      Congratulations! You are now included in the CCI and have your own Site where you can present yourself and your work and offer your sheet music!

      Please note: after registration you can log in at MusicaNeo from your Facebook, Twitter or Myspace account.

    • I’m a composer and my name isn’t mentioned in the CCI. How can I add my information?

      Go to the CCI page, press the “Add a new composer” link and fill in the data you would like others to know. Another option is to register with MusicaNeo as a composer: Your name will be automatically listed and marked in the index. Additionally you will get a free personal site where you can sell your sheet music. To do so, please follow the “Join in” link from the CCI homepage.

    • I have found my name on the CCI. How can I add more information to my entry?

      Find your name in the index and click on it. You will be forwarded to a page with a link “Edit information”, click on it please. Now you are able to add your information to the CCI. Or else as registered member at MusicaNeo you can choose to publish your information also in the CCI.

    • Does it cost anything to be included in the CCI?

      Only a few minutes of your time! The entry in the CCI is absolutely FREE.

    • Can I add composers I know, who aren’t listed?

      We appreciate your participation very much! At the CCI homepage you can add a new composer or sent him/her a personal invitation to join the index. Choose one of the links „Add a new composer“ or „Invite a composer” to do so. Both functions are easy and fast to use.

    • Who maintains the CCI?

      The CCI is a project created and maintained by Load.CD GmbH, Switzerland.

  • Author’s Rights
    • Who owns the rights for the sheet music, after I upload it on MusicaNeo?

      You retain all rights to your works. MusicaNeo is only a platform where you publish scores and grant licenses to your customers. Just make sure you have no other contractual obligations, which might prohibit you to publish and license your work on your own account.

    • Some of my works have already been published and I have signed agreements with publishers. Can I upload these works (and offer them paid or free) to my personal page on MusicaNeo?

      This depends on the terms and conditions of the agreements you have entered. Please review your contracts.

    • What can I do if I see that some data or file accessible at MusicaNeo infringes my rights as copyright owner?

      Please report this infringement immediately using our contact form. We will pursue your information and submitted proof and eliminate the possibly illegal situation.

    • I am a member of a performing rights organisation (ASCAP, GEMA, SUISA, etc.) can I still offer my performing licenses via MusicaNeo?

      In case you as composer signed an “exclusive rights for performances” agreement with a performing rights organisation you infringe this contract by offering performing licenses via MusicaNeo as well. This does not apply for just offering scores (without performing licenses). If you prefer to offer the performing licenses via MusicaNeo, you have to cancel your contract with the performing rights organisation first. Please see your contract for details.

    • Can I recall any of my works published on MusicaNeo in case a potential publisher is interested in my composition?

      Yes, sure. You have the right to recall any of your works at any time.

  • Privacy policy
    • To purchase sheet music, I have to submit my credit card information. What happens with this data?

      The payment is processed via payment platform PayPal or WebMoney. MusicaNeo neither gathers nor stores any credit card information. For further information about the privacy policies of PayPal and WebMoney, please see: and

    • How can I correct or delete my credit card data or address I don’t want the users to know on MusicaNeo?

      You can delete or correct this kind of data by using the contact form on or by sending us a letter to: Load.CD GmbH, Rothausstrasse 1, 8280 Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.

    • Does MusicaNeo secure my personal data?

      MusicaNeo guarantees you the secure storage of your personal data. Only authorized employees of MusicaNeo and its affiliates, as well as commissioned representatives or business partners, who are obliged to guarantee for the security of the data, have access to your personal data.

    • How long will be my data stored on MusicaNeo?

      The data collected from you will be only stored as long as it is necessary for the collection and processing. Afterwards it will be deleted.

    • How can I request support?

      If you have any questions or suggestions MusicaNeo team is always ready to help you! Please contact us at: or just fill in the form on

  • Sheet Music Upload
    • How do I start with the upload of my sheet music?

      To upload sheet music you will have to register on MusicaNeo to get your free personal site and a profile area. You can either start with your upload by following the link “Upload Sheet Music” from the dashboard of your profile page (“My Account”), or begin your upload by selecting the “Upload Sheet Music” button which you can see on the blue stripe on the top of every page at MusicaNeo. You will be guided through the 5 steps upload process; it is very easy and quick.

    • I have uploaded one of my works for the first time, but it isn’t downloadable. Why?

      After your very first upload we will send you a verification code (PIN) by regular mail, which you have to enter only once to activate your upload. After that all your recently uploaded and upcoming works will be available for downloading.

    • What can I do with the works I don’t want to offer any more?

      You can remove any of your uploaded materials in your personal profile (“My Account” > My Sheet Music > List of uploads) any time you like.

  • Pricing/Payout
    • Can I decide whether to sell my compositions or to offer them for free?

      Yes, it is completely up to you. You are asked about the pricing during the uploading process.

    • Is it obligatory to sell performing licenses for my works?

      No, you alone decide whether you would like to offer the performing licenses for your works or not.

    • How does the taxation work?

      As uploader it is your responsibility to pay any taxes that might be due on your profit, such as value added tax or income tax. This also applies to any donations you might receive.

    • What are my payout options?

      You can transfer your earnings easily to a PayPal, Web Money or bank account, or have a personal cheque sent at request. Please visit: My Account > My Finances > Payout options.

  • Commissions
    • What services on MusicaNeo are free of charge?

      MusicaNeo charges no fees for registration, your MusicaNeo personal site and its exploitation, as well as upload of files or free sheet music download.

    • What does MusicaNeo charge for the download of my paid sheet music?

      MusicaNeo charges a commission of 1/3 from any fee paid by the downloader. The amount of the commission and your profit will be automatically displayed during your uploading process when you set your price for the work as well as on your personal profile.

  • Sheet Music Purchase/Download
    • What format is PDF?

      For information about PDF please go to

    • Can I have sheet music sent to my e-mail?

      All the sheet music scores you purchase are available for download in your personal profile on MusicaNeo only. Please report us if any delays occur. You purchases are stored in: “My Account” > My Purchases menu option to the left.

    • Are there any limits of the download?

      After registration you can upload or download any number of sheet music.

    • How can I check the quality of the file I want to download?

      Every uploaded composition has a preview page (see the “Look inside” option). Some composers upload also audio tracks to their sheet music. The green “Virus Free” sign guarantees you a virus free content!

    • What are the payment methods?

      After registration you will receive a Prepaid Account, which you can use to do the payments (no handling fee!), or you can pay the download and license fees directly via PayPal using your credit card (Visa, Master Card) or via your PayPal or Webmoney account (handling fee of $0.50 USD per transaction).

    • How do I get the sheet music files I have just purchased?

      You will be able to download the sheet music immediately after the completed purchase from “My Account” > My Purchases page. All your purchases will be stored there and can be downloaded as many times as you like. The speed of the downloading depends on your internet connection.

    • Can I download sheet music when I use a Mac?

      Yes, whether you work with Windows or Mac OS doesn’t make a difference, as long as you have a PDF reader installed on your computer to view and print the composition. The PDF reader works platform-independently.

    • I paid for my purchase at MusicaNeo by eCheck two days ago but I still didn’t receive any email with the download link. What should I do now?

      Please notice that eChecks usually take 3-5 business days to process. As soon as the money will be transferred to MusicaNeo, they’ll appear on your prepaid account and you’ll get an e-mail with the download link. If you want transactions to be carried out instantly, please use your credit card, PayPal or WebMoney accounts.

    • Can I get my money back if I bought the wrong sheet music?

      No, you may not. The money transaction cannot be cancelled once it is processed. So before you make a payment, please ensure that you purchase the correct score you need: read carefully the details of the description and look at the preview.

  • Design
  • Transliteration
    • I have some music manuscripts, which I would like to have in digital form, can you transliterate them for me?

      We are glad to offer you a service to transfer your handwritten sheet music manuscripts into a printable format. Our team of professional musicians will be using Finale as the notation program. For more details please see:

    • What are the costs for a transliteration?

      Costs may vary depending on the quality and complexity of the handwritten scores, please ask us for a quote. For more details please see:

      This service can be covered by the pre-financing agreement. For more details, please see:

  • Pre-financing
    • What is the pre-financing agreement?

      With this agreement MusicaNeo aims to support and promote composers and their works, without putting them under additional financial pressure. If you enter the pre-financing agreement successfully, we will execute the services you order us to. The service costs will be deducted from commissions on the compositions effectively sold. Negative amounts are paid back only if you wish to end the cooperation. For more information please see: Or contact us at:

    • What services are prefinanced and can be ordered?

      Services include:
      Upload service and maintenance of sheet music, sound, image and video files, scan or photography of sheet music, proofreading, digitizing with music notation software from printed sheet or handwritten sheet, portrait on MusicaNeo’s first page with link to your personal page, sound and video recordings, individual design for personal site, as well as an inclusion of a work in MusicaNeo’s Printed Edition.

    • If I sign the contract, what happens to my rights as creator?

      The rights on your works processed by MusicaNeo stay with you. Only the online-exploitation is exclusively with the platform MusicaNeo.

    • Can I publish the works digitized by MusicaNeo offline?

      Yes, just inform MusicaNeo about this in advance and report the gross revenue received quarterly.

    • Can anybody enter this agreement?

      Yes, anybody can ask for the prefinancing. MusicaNeo will check each possible cooperation carefully, then decide with which composer it will enter the prefinancing agreement.

    • Where can I read terms and conditions of the pre-financing agreement?

      For the agreement and a full list of available services, please contact us at: