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CCI (Contemporary Composers Index)

The largest international index of contemporary composers. It allows composers, performers and other music enthusiasts to get into direct contact.


Any works, compositions, texts, images, sound or any other material uploaded or to be uploaded.


A person using the MusicaNeo website and its services, including personal pages, whether registered or not. A Customer is referred to as “Uploader” or “Downloader” depending on the respective activity.

Digitized Copy

A scan/photograph of previously published sheet music or computer document created with the help of a special software.

Download Fee

Fee paid for the download of a file.

License Fee

Fee for the right to use protected works, including public performances.


An easy-to-use web platform, promoting the direct contact between composers, performers and music enthusiasts; lets musicians re-focus on their creativity. Load.CD GmbH, Rothausstrasse 1, CH-8280 Kreuzlingen


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PDF (portable document format)

A standard format for electronic documents. PDF documents are readable on more than 20 hardware platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, Palm and Pocket PC) with free software like Adobe Reader installed. To download and obtain additional information go to:

Performing License

Right granted by the right holder/creator to the performer to use a piece of intellectual property within the limits stipulated in the license agreement.

Personal Site

A free website at MusicaNeo where registered users can present themselves, publish their pictures news and articles, as well as sell their creative works or offer them for free.

Prepaid Account

Personal account for payments within MusicaNeo. You can use your Prepaid Account to pay for your purchases, services (for example downloading) in a price range of 0.01 USD- 1’000.00 USD. In this case MusicaNeo charges no additional fees. If you receive money from third parties it will be credited to your Prepaid Account automatically, in real-time. You can transfer money from your Prepaid Account to your bank account or to your PayPal or WebMoney account.


Section of a personal site, where a registered user can review, change or add personal data, materials and information.

Protected works

Works protected by proprietary rights.

Public domain

Works are in the public domain if they are not covered by intellectual property rights at all, if the rights have expired, and/or if the intellectual property rights are waived.


User action aimed at entering personal information into the system which, compared to unregistered users, grants him/her a wider range of services and access to its products.


System/functionality used for retrieving data on user’s request.

Unprotected Works

Works that are not protected by any proprietary rights, specifically by copyrights, also known as public domain.


An unregistered customer.


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A creation whatever may be the mode or form of its expression including digital form, such as a musical composition with or without lyrics, a work of drawing or literature.